Not just a “surface shine” nail buffing system like other products…

NAILBUFFS is a “nail polish alternative” for pedicures and manicures that outshines and outlasts polish, naturally.

Who says that natural nails aren’t sexy. Seriously? Many actors on Hollywood’s “A List” use and love NAILBUFFS. NAILBUFFS will buff life and luster back into the most hopeless looking nails with a flawless sensual feel and shine that lasts for days. If you already like the look of natural nails, you’ll love the classic look of NAILBUFFS.

NAILBUFFS is a nonabrasive, non toxic, natural, protective, therapeutic and nail transforming nail buffing system for men and women, regardless of age or skin tone. Your results will be instant and dramatic. No waiting days or weeks. Twenty seconds per nail is all it will take. Shop for products to see for yourself.

The NAILBUFFS System is a process that will get to the heart of your nail problems by reversing the damage caused by years of using traditional nail care products such as nail polish, acrylic nails, gel nails, nail lacquers, nail varnish, press-on nails and nail art. Those are all toxic “cover-ups” that hide the damage they have caused. They will not protect, strengthen or help nails to grow any faster, as we are misguided into believing. Nail strengtheners and hardeners are virtually ineffectual, and require the use of harsh and toxic nail polish paint solvents. NAILBUFFS solves the problem by restoring and maintaining the natural oil and moisture balance within the layers of your nails.

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NAILBUFFS is guaranteed to do everything you always hoped a nail care product would do

From its inception in 1978 NAILBUFFS purpose was to stop nails from ever splitting, peeling or layering. We now know that it does that, but, so much more. Our customers call NAILBUFFS “miraculous”. NAILBUFFS remains “best nail service” at Canyon Ranch Spa for over 13 years where it is revered by both guests and staff alike. There’s a reason why! Have you noticed your nails lately? Everyone else has.

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