Product Description

In one word “miraculous”.  NAILBUFFS Buffing Cream outshines polish, lasts for days and is nothing less thantransformational.  It is non-abrasive, dye and fragrance free, PH balanced and so gentle it may be used daily if desired without thinning your nails.  It does not require nail polish remover.  Our incomparable buffing creme imparts a flawless, brilliant and protective, shine or luster to your nails that lasts for days.  It will effect instant and dramatic results from the first time you use it, even if you think your nails are hopeless.  No waiting days, weeks or months.  Our Natural Buffing Cream Formula is very concentrated and will provide up to 100 treatments.  This priority blend of moisturizers, conditioners, essential oils, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, vegetable proteins, keratin and conditioners will uniquely restore, hydrate and then maintain the crucial oil and moisture balance within the structure of your nails.  Essential for nail strength.  NAILBUFFS will stop your nails from ever splitting, peeling or layering again, prevent frequent breaking strengthen and encourage growth.