A little about Nailbuffs and Donna herself, starting with an excerpt from a recently published article.

Donna E. Taras Is A Natural Addition To “Stanford Who’s Who”

LONGMEADOW, MA, October 11, 2012 / Stanford Who’s Who/ — An extraordinary entrepreneur with over three decades of professional and “hands on” experience in the nail care industry, Donna E. Taras has routinely demonstrated the passion, vision, dedication, diligence and resolve necessary to be mentioned among the elite. As a result of her phenomenal career, Donna has earned recognition in the exclusive network of premier professionals with Stanford Who’s Who.

Drawing upon her wealth of knowledge in the nail care field as well as her outstanding business acumen, Donna remains the Owner of NAILBUFFS by Taras. NAILBUFFS By Taras is a company that provides a heretofore nonexistent nailbuffing system, that outshines nail polish. This specialized group of protective and hydrating products is designed to eliminate the drying out of nails and cuticles, and be a genuine remedy to the drying, peeling and layering of nails that men and women who use nail polish experience. This natural, nonabrasive, and transformational “NAILBUFFSing” System has earned NAILBUFFS a reputation as “best in its class” globally. Due to its efficacy and success, the NAILBUFFS System is currently found exclusively at only the finest destinations spas, such as Canyon Ranch where it has remained “best nail service” for over eleven years. Before evolving into a Spa resource, NAILBUFFS was sold at fine department stores, nationwide, including Bloomingdale’s.

Well-known as an industry leader, Donna is responsible for managing all major aspects of her business including research and development, as well as overseeing day to day operations. Working with a chemist for 2 years on a nonabrasive, non-toxic, vitamin enriched formula that her thousands of customers call “a miracle”, Donna, along with her sister Royce, developed the NAILBUFFS System between 1978 and 1981, and has since developed the business into the finest natural alternative to toxic and chemical laden nail products that consistently destroy nails. A pioneer in her field, Donna has surely earned her place as an industry leader.

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