I hope that the following unsolicited testimonials will encourage you to try the Nailbuff’s simple to use, remarkable, nonabrasive, incomparable and THERAPEUTIC nail buffing system. One product that does everything that your other nail care products promised to do, but never did.

NAILBUFFS is not just a “surface shine” nail buffing system as are other buffing products. No waiting for days, weeks or months to see results. You will achieve results instantly and dramatically from the first time you buff. NAILBUFFS solves the problem by restoring and maintaining the natural oil and moisture balance within the layers and fibers (structure) of your nails, creating strength and resilience. No waiting for days, weeks or months to see results. You will achieve results instantly and dramatically from the first time. NAILBUFFS will stop your nails from ever splitting, peeling and layering again. See the testimonials below from actual customers.

Donna, thanks for getting back to me. I had my nails taken off at the salon on September 30 as I wanted to get started right away. I absolutely cannot believe what has happened! My nails after just two weeks of using NailBuffs are astounding! They’re smooth, they’re clear and healthy, they’re resilient and they shine! The women I work with are completely amazed. They stare at my nails every day and so do I. I wish I had met you years ago. It would have saved me a lot of money and a lot of time. I cannot say enough about your product. I love the new clear and natural look. It beats the “glam” look by a mile! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Hi Donna! I originally called you after finding your site on the Internet. I left a message saying that I hoped you really were the answer to my prayers, as you told me NAILBUFFS would be. Well, I got my kit today. I am telling you right now, I am so thrilled !!!!! It’s exactly as I remember it from the 70’s. The shine, the buffer, everything. It’s just gorgeous !!! I now have the greatest looking nails, thank you !!!!! And I will be buying more kits for gifts and birthday’s come around because everybody should experience this!!!

Thank you !

Cornelia V.
Hello again, Donna. I received my kit on Saturday and used it yesterday. My nails shine so pretty. You can still see where the dipped in places are from the acrylics, but they are amazingly growing pretty fast!

Still having trouble with nicking on the edges every time I do something, but as they get stronger, I’m sure this will stop. Love the buffer!

Hope to hear from you soon and thanks again for such a fantastic product – I’ve used other buffers before but none prior gave the shine yours does – I can’t wait to see what happens to my nails down the road.
God Bless.

Hi Donna,

Long time no talk… I am finally out of product & in need of a new kit. maybe one other for a gift for a friend.

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Talk soon.

PS. My Nails look GREAT

Hi Donna, Your commitment to assisting people and your enthusiasm will take you far. I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to me about the product and to offer to take me
through the first steps to assure I will have the results needed. That means a lot in business for repeat customers, as I’m sure you know. You are
very personable – it felt like I was talking to a friend and that’s a good thing!

I hope you and yours have a fantastic Thanksgiving. I’m be in touch soon when I receive my package.

Dianne G.
Hello ms Donna, I just wanted to introduce myself, i’m Pam W, of Columbus, Georgia. I’m currently working towards my certification, and am in process of designing a new type of Nail Care facility and the Nail industry will never be the same. Ms Donna, i must tell you that it’s so sad the amount of people that get their nails “done” to look so pretty, and their natural nails are in a sad state. Most of the products that are put on nails don’t allow the nails to breathe. Well, I guess you know where i’m going with this–and you probably share some of the same views. Needless to say, I’d love to distribute your products. We’ll educate the customers as to the needs of their nails, and how they should be able to go without the products, and their nails still should be healthy. Please send me information on distributorship and the terms, and i look forward to our correspondence.
Hi, a friend of mine, Heidi T, has given me Nailbuffs for the past couple of years as gifts. I love it! It has saved my chipping, peeling, splitting nails. Once again may I compliment you on this product. It has saved my nails and allowed them to grow to be acceptable once again.
Marietta J.
Donna, thanks for this email. I have been using the Nailbuffs by Taras for several years now, thanks to my sister.
Lisa M.
Donna, thanks for this email. I have been using the Nailbuffs by Taras for several years now, thanks to my sister.
Lisa M.
Hi Donna,
I’ve been using nailbuffs for a few years now. Absolutely love it! Thanks again.
Lori M
Hi Donna:
My name is Gina V. and I was the one that referred my mother-in-law to your products. I found your information on the Internet. Anyway, she said that you called her after shipping the product to see how much she liked it, but at the time she had not yet tried it. Well, she loves it and she wanted me to let you know!
I will be buying some more for her for her birthday in November, so you will be hearing from me soon. Great product!

Thanks, Gina

Gina V
Hi, bought the whole kit at the Big E fair last year in W. Springfield, MA. I love it! It actually started me on the path to having some decent nails (until i let a cheap salon ruin them with icky topcoat, but that’s another
story). love your product!

thank you very much,

Robi T
Isabelle Gullö, Fitness Editor Spa Magazine

Actually my nails are looking better than ever. I did a bad thing and I got fake nails. My nails were completely destroyed, cracked and very sensitive to anything they touched. After using the nail buffing system they are back to looking better than ever! Thanks Donna!

I have to say that I love your product. My nails look great, in fact, they’ve never looked this good. They’re
really long, too. Needless to say, I am recommending your product left and right, because it is
Talk to you soon
Hi Donna,
Just wanted to let you know that this product does work great. I just turned 51 and for the last 10 years or so my nails have just deteriorated. I have vertical ridges and my nails are soft and peel. The only thing that used to work to get them to grow was polishing them but the chemicals would cause even more peeling and nail weakness.

About four years ago, I started using one of those one coat fast drying polishes which I used once a week. The company also made a one coat polish remover which got that thick coat off quickly. The only problem was that after 6 months my nails began getting yellowed and had white spots which looked horrible. I used an oil product to get rid of the white spots but quit the polishing. I just quit taking anytime for my nails with the exception of keeping them clipped short. Since then my nails have been just plain ugly. I just happened upon your product when I was web surfing and thought I would give it a try.

WOW– My nails don’t peel. I have used the black smoothing board, cautiously about once a week to help get smooth down the ridges. I use the deep oil several times a week along with the cuticle cream. I just can’t believe how much stronger my nails are now. The product is easy and takes little time and the results are just miraculous.

I am reordering because I don’t want to run low on the buffing cream and I want one of your wonderful files to take along in my purse. I am sold on this product. I really wasn’t even that enthused because I figured your testimonials were just advertising. My hopes were that I would perhaps get some improvement but I just wasn’t prepared for these fantastic results. I just never would have believed that my nails could ever be like this. *****I just have one question. I don’t like my nails too long and was wondering if I can use a nail clipper on them occasionally to clip them down before I use your white file on them.

The reason I ask is that the file is so gentle and smooth that it takes me forever to get the length off. I am trying to keep at them but with my busy life style, filing twice a week along with the buffing polish just doesn’t cut it sometimes. So far I have just been using your file and don’t want to do anything to compromise the great results your product has done for them. They are getting a little long and will need to be shortened somewhat — I never thought this would be a problem of mine, what a great product you have.

Also– do you sell this anywhere in North Dakota? I live about an hour away from Fargo. Do you have any retailers selling for you there? If you don’t, you should.

This product should be everywhere. It works miracles on hopeless nails.

This product should be sold by anyone doing manicures instead of all the chemical items currently marketed.

Jan M. Wahpeton ND
Subject: Wow!

Hi Donna, OK, I’m impressed! I’ll bet I had some of the worst nails on the planet. They were hopeless, no matter what I did with or to them. I tried nail hardeners, polish, no polish, everything I could think of. I would never have believed that my nails would ever, ever look this good. They are strong, pink and healthy looking. I sound like a commercial !!!
Thank you Donna, I had given up.

Jane Kelly
Dear Donna, I’ve never awaited a product with such hope … and had it exceed my highest expectations!

My very first use of the essentials kit did absolute wonders for my post-Solar nails eyesores, so I’ve put in an order for the cuticle product and the oil (for a little more repair), along with a second kit to keep in my office.

Happy holidays!

Justine C.
Dear Donna,
I wanted to write and thank you for your spectacular products. My nails, were truly in horrid
shape (dry, brittle, harsh cuticles, etc.).

I have never used a nail product like yours. Immediately and, I mean immediately, began to see such wonderful results, that I was truly amazed!!!

And in reading such wonderful testimonials from other customers who had used your products, I decided to try them. I am very busy, a Professor of Nursing, and don’t have a great deal of time to spend on my nails, so I also loved the simplicity of the routine. I really can’t say enough about your products.

They are wonderful and I love what they have done to my nails. I have never used a product that is actually better than what was even advertised about
the product.

I think many times we, I, don’t take time to tell someone that I really like their product or service, so I wanted to take the time to let you know how
grateful I am to you for selling such a great product. Donna, you have also been just a pleasure to work with!

Your commitment to your customers and
standing behind your products is commendable!
Again, thank you, and don’t ever quit making such wonderful products,

From a Grateful Customer

Joanne E. PhD, RN
I love you… Nancy and i just look at our nails all day- i brought my goody pack when i went to my mom’s the other day she is 90- i did her nails- now she walks around the house looking at her nails all day i will have to get her some too. thanks again
i’m sure that you don’t remember me but i was with my friend nancy at the big E i had acrylics on my nails and Nancy of the beautiful hands had natural nails- she was hesitant about your product and i pushed her a little to splurge because YEARS ago i had pea shine and loved it.

I didn’t purchase your product at the big E myself because i knew that once i took my nails off they would look awful for a while- well, the economy made me take off those nails… and my very best friend Nancy ( of course now you are also my best friend!) surprised me with a set of your products- WOW! my fingers went from looking as though they just came from a meat grinder to almost normal with short nails and a natural French manicure. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Although my own nails are still very short i don’t have to hide my hands anymore. i will be looking forward to seeing you at the big E

Dear Donna,
I LOVE your product. I saw it at the Big E, and couldn’t wait to get it. The only reason I went to your booth, was because I knew someone who worked there. I didn’t actually realize that my nails were going to look that GREAT! Fabulous invention! My nails looked strong, healthy, shiny, long, and extremely clean. I am very impressed. My nails used to have huge ridges and awkward bumps. NOT ANY MORE! I had strange nail growth ever since I was little, when I bumped my finger. I never knew what to do, until I found nailbuffs.
Hi – I just received my NAILBUFFS order from you a few days ago and wanted to send along my feedback. This is an excellent system for nails – I am so happy to find something like your products. After using the buffer system once my nails look great. I haven’t completely got the larger ridges out but by the next time I think they will be totally smooth.

I have never been one to have my nails done but finally I can have nice nails that are natural.


Marilyn K